ACCA F1: Accountant in Business

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ACCA F1: Accountant in Business



  • The business organisation

  • Business organisation and structure

  • Organisational culture in business

  • Information technology and information systems

  • Stakeholders in business organisations

  • External analysis – political and legal factors

  • External analysis – economic factors

  • External analysis – social, environmental and technological factors

  • Competitive factors

  • Professional ethics in accounting and business

  • Governance and social responsibility in business

  • Law and regulation governing accounting

  •  Accounting and finance functions within business

  • Financial systems and procedures

  • The relationship between accounting and other business functions

  • Audit and control

  • Fraud, fraudulent behaviour and their prevention in business

  • Leadership, management and supervision

  • Recruitment and selection of employees

  • Individual, group and team behaviour

  • Motivating individuals and groups

  • Learning and training at work

  • Review and appraisal of individual performance

  • Personal effectiveness at work

  • Communicating in business

  • Answers to exam style questions

  • Index

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